What to Expect for Your First Thai Massage

If you are going for your first Thai massage, you may be wondering what to expect. Thai massage is very different from Western massage, so it's important to educate yourself to avoid unpleasant surprises. Thai massage uses pressure points and extreme stretches that aren't appropriate for everyone, so it's important to have enough information before booking your appointment.

The Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai massage helps increase your blood circulation, relax your blood pressure and will help you relax in body and mind. It is an excellent remedy for aching muscles, helps prevent illnesses and can help clear blockages in the body. It is excellent for stress release, bad posture and mental clarity.

Make sure you choose a good massage therapist. Go on a reliable recommendation. A bad massage therapist can often do more harm than good. A skilled therapist is necessary to prevent injury.

What to Expect at Your First Thai Massage

Thai massages are often offered for thirty minutes, sixty minutes and two hours. To get the full benefits, choose a length of time of either sixty minutes or two hours. Show up a few minutes early so that you have time to change into the massage clothes, relax, and get settled. The massage studio should provide you with comfortable, loose fitting pajama-like clothes to wear. Women may find it's more comfortable to go braless under the shirt, or to wear as non-constrictive a bra as possible.

Make sure you go to the bathroom before beginning your massage to avoid an uncomfortable pressure on the bladder during the massage. This will make for a much more relaxing experience.

Thai massage is normally conducted on thin mats over a wooden floor or platform. With other forms of massage, you mostly lie on your stomach. With Thai massage, you will normally spend most of the time lying on your back

The massage therapist will alternate between gentle, muscle relaxing techniques, intense working of pressure points, which many people find painful, and extreme stretching of limbs and core. Relax and allow the therapist to guide your limbs, shoulders and hips for the stretching components.

If a stretch or pressure-point is too painful, don't hesitate to tell your therapist. Thai massages generally don't leave bruises, and the intense pressure is part of the technique, but if something really hurts, you should say so.

Is Thai Massage Safe for You?

Responsible massage studios will ask you to fill out a brief medical history before you begin your massage, as Thai massage can be unsafe for some medical conditions. If you are pregnant, have severe skin problems, cancer, or muscle injuries, you should alert the studio and the therapist.