3 Questions That Help to Optimise Sports Massage

Massage therapy is so diverse that one may not benefit fully from it if the session isn't customised to the needs of an athlete. This article discusses some of the questions that can help a massage therapist to achieve the best results when he or she is treating you. When Is the Treatment Being Given? Sportsmen and women require different massage techniques for the different situations in their lives. For instance, an athlete who undergoes sports massage before a major event will have different needs from another athlete who comes for massage after a sporting event. [Read More]

Why Your Parent with Dementia Needs to See a Physiotherapist

When your parent is diagnosed with dementia, you may find yourself visiting a number of doctors - from your family GP to specialist neurologists. However, these aren't the only health care practitioners who can help. One important professional to see is your physiotherapist. Here are 3 ways a physio can dramatically improve your parent's well-being. Identifying & Treating Pain  Pain can be a big problem for people suffering from dementia. As their condition progresses, their ability to communicate declines. [Read More]

Remedial Massage Therapy - What Is It and How Can It Help You?

Remedial massage therapy is used in the treatment of sporting injuries and other ongoing medical conditions, such as arthritis. But what is remedial massage and how can it work to help your recovery? Remedial massage Remedial massage is often used in conjunction with drug therapy and pain relief medication in order to help promote the healing process in muscles and other soft tissues that have been damaged as a result of sporting injuries. [Read More]